Oktoberfest 2016

Flyer_16_BB_ Oktoberfest (2)-page-001Since its premiere in 2004, the “Oktoberfest in London” has always been a great success, with over 180,000 guests attending each year. Throughout the whole year, the Bavarian Beerhouse is preparing for this special event to make your stay in our little slice of Bavarian Heaven an unforgettable memory.

From Sept. 21st until Oct. 22nd, we invite everybody to join us for four weeks of great fun, eating, drinking and live music coming straight from Bavaria.

Kick-Off is on September 21st and you can be the lucky one to hit the first keg! Apply by sending us an email to hello@bavarian-beerhouse.co.uk to win some of that beer. Tell us why you should be tapping the first keg of our Oktoberfest season 2016. Good luck!  Viel Erfolg! 

In Bavaria we say: “Ein Prosit der Gemuetlichkeit”- A Prost to cosiness

Without question, the most important Bavarian event of the year is the Oktoberfest, and as an original Bavarian restaurant, we certainly do not want to miss out on this tradition.

Whilst rustic décor and the classic Bavarian beer benches contribute to an intimate atmosphere, there is probably no better location in London to experience an authentic Oktoberfest celebration. Managed by Germans and due to the fact that most of our staff derives from Germany, it is our greatest concern to provide everything that is needed for a traditional ”Munich Style” Bierfest.

Get on the benches folks, it’s time for oompah-tainment!

What would the Oktoberfest be without a little Bavarian folk music? In order to transmit the real Bavarian spirit, all our live bands come from Germany. Whether with alphorn, cow bells or tuba, our musicians are real oompah-tainers who will make sure that even the muffles get into the infectious Bavarian party mood- not solely on stage. Stein-lifting and bench-dancing are not obligatory, but highly recommended.

Delicious beer and hearty food: That is what Bavaria stands for.

 Come in for a taste of the famous Bavarian hospitality. Charming waiters/waitresses in traditional Dirndl dresses and Lederhosen serve you at your table and will ensure that you will not miss out on anything your heart desires.

Enjoy freshly tapped, ice cold German beer served in huge Stein glasses and choose from a selection of the most popular Oktoberfest-specialties, such as pork shanks, sausages and dumplings or any other of the authentic German food we serve. To guarantee for the original taste, our meat is directly imported from Germany.

It’s hard to deny: Beer, Meat and Kraut is what makes a Bavarian heart beat faster.

Get your tickets here. Please note, tickets are non-refundable.