Oktoberfest Tickets

Wednesday – WhoopWhoop! Its Oompah fun with free entrance from 7pm-11pm
Thursday – Yeah! Still free entrance, but £5 deposit* pp. required from 7pm-11pm
Friday & Saturday – Choose between 3 ticket* options – see below – from 8pm – midnight

Regular ticket
costs only £14.50 per person and includes

  • Oktoberfest in a rustic atmosphere with allocated seats (tables) throughout the entire evening
  • Table service provided by charming waitresses / waiters in traditional dress (Dirndl / Lederhosen) #NoQueuing
  • Live music – Bavarian music and Oompha-tainment by original German live bands
  • 1 Stein of delicious ice-cold beer (equal to 2 pints)


Schnitzel Ticket £24.50 pp

The “Schnitzel Ticket” includes all of the regular ticket above, plus a hearty main dish:

  • Wiener Schnitzel (classic pork escalope) served with chips OR
  • Traditional Sausage Platter (Bratwurst, Frankfurter & Nürnberger sausages) served with mash potato and Sauerkraut OR
  • Bavarian Cheese Noodles (V) (Käsespätzle)


Fancy Dress Ticket £34.50 pp

Experience the wild side of Oktoberfest – The “Fancy Dress Ticket” includes all the two tickets above have to offer plus

  • a Schnaps shot AND
  • An Oktoberfest hat (“Hilly Billy” or “Oktoberfest”) to make you feel more “Bavarian”


*Tickets are non-refundable

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