Oktoberfest FAQ

When is Oktoberfest?
Oktoberfest in “Old Street” and in “Tower Hill” takes place from September 26 – October 20. Every week from Wednesday to Saturday.

What time does Oktoberfest start?
The musicians start playing at 7.30pm. Guests usually arrive from around 6pm onwards – if you do not have a ticket you will have to leave the venue by 6pm.

Tickets & Entrance
Free admission on Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday we charge a deposit of £5 per person which will be redeemed at night against your final bill.
Tickets for Friday and Saturday are £14.50 per person.
Tickets are non – refundable!

How can I book tickets?
You can either book your tickets online, or give us a call on 0800 5300 016, our friendly Events team can arrange your booking over the phone from Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm.

What is included in the tickets?
All tickets include:

  • a well-organized Oktoberfest event with allocated seats (tables) for the entire evening
  • table service provided by charming waiters/waitresses to guarantee a fresh flow of drinks / food without you queuing at a bar
  • entrance fee
  • live entertainment
  • 1 Stein of beer per person

There are 3 different ticket options. Have a look at the options here

Can I buy tickets on the night?
Please book your tickets in advance as we are very likely to sell out on most dates.

How can I add people to my booking?
If you have already made a booking (online or over the phone) but would now like to add more people to this booking it is best to give us a call on 08005300016

Do the tickets need to be paid in advance?
Yes, all tickets need to be paid upon making the booking. Unfortunately we are unable to refund you any tickets if you have to cancel your booking.

Will we be seated together?
If you book together as a group we will definitely seat all of you together! If you have made several bookings but would like to be seated together please give us a call on 08005300016 so we can make sure your tables are all joined.

Will we have a table?
Of course! You will be allocated a table in advance – your waitress will show you to your table on the night.

When do the bands play?
The bands start playing at 7.30pm. They walk from table to table in each room. We have a DJ playing music in between the breaks to get you dancing and singing even when the band is not there!

Can I be seated near the band?
The bands walk from table to table in each room so there is no stage. They will entertain you right at your table so you do not need to be too far away from the music!

Can I make a provisional booking?
Due to the high demand we are unable to take provisional bookings. You will need to pay for your tickets upon making the booking. It is always possible to add a few people at a later stage if you are unsure about numbers.

 Will I get send my tickets by post?
You will not get actual tickets – a confirmation email will be sent to you. Your seats will be reserved under your name on the night. Just ask our friendly ladies at reception who will then show you to your table and hand you your beer vouchers.

I would like to book one of your (birthday/hen/stag) packages. How can I do that?
Even if you would like to book a package on one of our Oktoberfest nights you will still need to buy tickets. You can then book the package on top.