Wine and Champagne

German Wine

2013 save Water – Drink Riesling

175ml: £6.40 • 750ml: £24.90

dry fresh Riesling with notes of summer grass, pineapple and apricots. It has playful fruit notes with a racy acidity

2013 St Veit Cuvee dry

175ml: £6.40 • 750ml: £24.90

this fruity wine has a lively bouquet, fine fruits of apple and citrus. With a youthful character and pleasant fresh, mineral note taste.

German Apple Cider

0.5 Pint: £5.50, 1 Pint: £10.50

‘Blauer Bock Apfelwein’ from Frankfurt. Traditional German Apple Wine with a perfect balance of rich apple flavor while not to sweet with a dry finish.

White Wine

Marques de Calado Macebeo

175ml: £4.50 • 750ml: £16.90

Spain. Crispy, dry white wine full of ripe fruit flavours with hints of apple and lemon

Pinot Grigio

175ml: £5.10 • 750ml: £19.90

Italy. Intense and fruity Pinot Grigio with hints of yeast and crusty bread; minerally and crisp

Rosé Wine

Marques de Calado Rosé

175ml: £4.50 • 750ml: £16.90

Spain. Dry, juicy soft and ripe rose wine full of ripe fruit flavours with hints of strawberry and raspberry

Pinot Grigio “Delle Venezie Rosato”

175ml: £5.10 • 750ml: £19.90

Italy. Fine full flavours and a smooth finish reminiscent of apricot, pineapple and peach fruit

Red Wine

Marques de Calado Tempranillo

175ml: £4.50 • 750ml: £16.90

Spain. Juicy soft and ripe red wine with hints of cassis and black cherry

Cotes du Rhone

175ml: £5.10 • 750ml: £19.90

France. Soft, mellow, and very smooth with vibrant berry fruit flavours and spiciness on the finish

Spritzer / Weinschorle

175ml: £3.50 • 750ml: £5.50

white or red wine with water or lemonade



100ml: £4.50, 750ml: £24.90

Italy. Wonderfully aromatic and zesty, with a nose bursting with green apple fruit, accented with hints of jasmine. The persistent mousse lifts and refreshes the palate

Champagne “De Telmont”

750ml: £35.00

France. One of the few remaining, family owned Champagne houses, De Telmont produces this excellent non-vintage in a medium bodied, soft and fruity, classically yeasty style. Fabulous value

Piper Heidsick

750ml: £75.00

France. Crisp and radiant Champagne. Elaborated by Regis Camus, four times “Sparkling Winemaker of the Year” by International Wine Challenge



“SPICE GIRL” – The traditional combination from Germany. A glass of prosecco and a shot of Jägermeister spice.

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