Managing Director “Old Street” & “Tower Hill” & Bristol

Julia (from Senftenberg) is our Managing Director. She looks after all three restaurants and is the main contact person for our managers. Julia has been a part of the Bavarian Beerhouse family since its beginning: She started off working as a waitress in our Old Street venue in the year of 2005. She left in 2008, and studied International Management in Australia and New Zealand for 6 years. She returned to Europe and took over Bavarian Beerhouse Bristol in 2014. In 2016 she got promoted “Managing Director” for the entire group.


Manager “Old Street”

Ophelia & Claudia (in front) are running our busy Old Street restaurant. They trains, manages and looks after all waitresses, bar staff and the kitchen team in East London’s buzzing German Oktoberfest Restaurant.


Manager “Tower Hill”

Carmen, Jörg & Lisa

Our Rock’n Roll Management Team in Tower Hill: Carmen (left, from Bremen) and Lisa (right, from Hamburg) are the Managers and in charge of the smooth operation at our busy Tower restaurant & bar. You’ll see them on the floor! Joerg (from Dresden) started in 2009 and being head chef, he is responsible for all your yummy food.


Bookings / Events Manager

Our busy Events Manager and responsible for all bookings and events. They are busy organizing Corporate do’s, group nights and all other kind of bookings and is planning the entertainment events “Oktoberfest in London’ and Christmas.  They are always happy to assist you.

Service Team

waitress Nicki

Our charming service team – dressed in original “Dirndl” and “Lederhosen” – is trying to make your stay at the Bavarian Beerhouse as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Our lovely waitresses and waiters guide you through the world of Bavarian beer – served in typical huge Stein glasses – and delicious traditional Bavarian food.


barkeeper Angel


Bar Team

We want you to have an amazing drinking experience with our original German beers. Therefore our successful and hard working bar team is ensuring that all the drinks are prepared fast and the proper way. As German beer needs special attention all of our bar keepers are especially trained in pouring our 9 different German beers in order to ensure that the unique flavour won’t be lost.


Jörg @Tower Hill kitchen

Kitchen Team

Our highly trained kitchen team is specialised in preparing Bavarian food at the highest standards. Our 4 German chefs have lived and worked in Bavaria for several years and gained a lot of experience in cooking delicious German food. All our meat and mostly all other ingredients are imported with our own Bavarian Beerhouse truck directly from Germany.

BjörnFacility Manager

With our 3 busy restaurants in London and Bristol it became necessary to employ a “Facility Manager”. Bjorn (picture) is a genius able to fix each and every problem. He is a technician, Internet guru, plumber, builder, painter, decorator and much more. We are delighted to work with him.