Schnaps and Spirits


25ml: £3.00

Jägermeister chilled to a colder-than-ice 4°F


25ml: £3.50

Jägermeister + energy drink

Vodka & Energy Drink

25ml: £3.50

“Flügerl” THE best seller at the famous Apres-Ski places

Berentzen Liquors

25ml: £3.00

Special Fruity Shots
World famous tasty Apple liquor (Apfelkorn), Sour Apple (Saurer Apfel), Wild Cherry (Wildkirsche), Mixed Berries (Waldfrucht)

Double up!

Double Shot 50ml: £4.50

Jägermeister, Berentzen

Porno Brause / “Porn Fizz”

25ml: £3.50

A vodka & sherbet mix. Shake it, baby!

Kleiner Feigling Little Coward!

20ml: £3.00

Fig & Vodka bottled shot, Feigling’s Coco Biscuit, Feigling’s Bubble Gum, Feigling’s American Ice Tea, Feigling’s Apple Pie, Feigling’s Luxus Lakritz

Group Specials – Schnaps Shots

Jägertrain choo-choo! Jägertrain is approaching


Mind the gap for the “journey of your life” containing Jägermeister & an energy drink

Vodka-Train for 10: “Rolling, rolling, rolling, hear the whistle blowing…”


Boost your strengh with this invigorating Vodka & energy drink and jump on the train to Dirndl wonderland

Schnaps metre: “Ready for Take Off”

1 metre (16 shots): £38.00 • 1/2 metre (8 shots): £21.00

Last call for the passengers Feigling, Jägermeister and Berentzen (apple, sour apple, wild cherry, mixed berry). Choose which one of them goes on board.

Porno metre: ” Mix it, shake it, drink it, love it”

1 metre (16 shots): £43.00 • 1/2 metre (8 shots): £25.00

Come on a tingling trip and experience the porno-licious explosion of 4 Sherbet-flavours mixed with vodka


Whiskey (Bells), Jack Daniels, Gin (Gordons), Rum (Bacardi white)

Single: £3.90, Double: £4.90


Single: £3.50, Double: £4.50


Single: £4.50, Double: £5.50

With coke, Diet coke, Sprite, Tonic water, Lime, Apple juice

Jägermeister Rudi

25ml: £ 3.00

A crowning moment. We simply top up your Jägermeister shot with a beer cap. While the beer naturally mixes with the liquor, the foam will stay as a crown on top.



£ 6.50

“Deer and Beer” – The traditional combination from Germany. A pint of beer and a shot of Jägermeister.


£ 6.50

“SPICE GIRL” – The traditional combination from Germany: A glass of prosecco and a shot of Jägermeister spice.

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