Standard Buffet

For grous of 30 and + / £19.50 pp*


  • Bavarian potato salad flavoured with fresh herbs
  • ‘Münchner Wurstsalat’ ‐ sausage strips marinated in a light vinaigrette with gherkins and onions
  • Cheese Platter with a selection of Bavarian and French cheeses
  • Bavarian Meat Platter with Black Forest ham, German cooked ham, ‘Zwiebelmett’ and a
  • selection of Bavarian cold cuts served with radish and mixed pickles
  • a selection of German bread rolls (‘Partysonne’) and freshly baked pretzels


  • Potato Gratin topped with melted cheese (V)
  • ‘Kasspatzen’ – Bavarian Cheese noodles (V)
  • Original Bratwurst ‐ Germany’s famous grilled sausage
  • Nurnberger ‐ a special small sausage from the grill
  • Wienerle ‐ a traditional Viennese‐style sausage
  • All sausages are served with mustard and sauerkraut
  • ‘Bayerisches Biergulasch’ ‐ a Bavarian Beerhouse special dish: Chunks of beef and fresh peppers, cooked in a tasty dark beer sauce.
  • Served with dumplings and red cabbage
  • ‘Dessert: ‘Apfelstrudel’ – Apple Strudel with vanilla custard


Superior Buffet

groups of 30 and + / £24.50 pp*

The Superior Buffet includes all items in the Standard Buffet & additional dishes:


  • Bavarian‐style Noodle Salad, made with mayonnaise, carrots, peas and fresh peppers
  • ‘Bayrischer Krautsalat’ – Bavarian‐style coleslaw with caraway seeds and bacon


  • Baked potatoes with herbal dip (V)
  • Bavarian pork roast served with a rich dark beer saue, bread dumplings and red cabbage


De Luxe Buffet

Groups of 30 and + / £29.50 pp*

The De Luxe Buffet includes all items in the Standard/Superior Buffet & additional dishes:

• ‘Waldorfsalat’ – Waldorf Salad (V)
• Obazda – Bavarian creamy cheese speciality


• Bell Peppers stuffed with a tasty vegetable mix (V)
• Wiener Schnitzel & Jäger Schnitzel – Classic breaded pork escalope and ‘Hunter Style’ Pork Escalope topped with a creamy mushroom sauce

Dessert: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte – famous Black Forest Cake

* Prices are including VAT but excluding discretionary service charge of 12,5 %. All packages must be booked and paid in advance.