About Us



Since the Bavarian Beerhouse opened its doors in 2005 in London, we have welcomed more than 2 million happy customers from locals to city workers. The Bavarian Beerhouse was an instant success, becoming the UK’s bestseller of Krombacher Pils Bier, Erdinger Wheat Bier and Jägermeister all within the first year of its opening. We brought the world’s largest beer festival “Oktoberfest” to the UK and were even hosting the world’s longest Oktoberfest, which runs for a magnificent 8 weeks a year. This is all made to happen by means of our wonderful staff, of which there are almost 100! We also cater for various events by means of our “Event Catering Unit”, which organises German Events all over the UK, including the British Army!

The Bavarian Beerhouse is not simply a German Restaurant and bar, it is also a meeting place for friends or even strangers due our long wooden benches and tables. The Bavarian Beerhouse concept consists of:

Authenticity! All our beer and food such as: meat, pork shanks, sausages and pretzels, are sourced from Germany. We have our own refrigerated truck driving to and from Germany on a regular basis to guarantee our fresh meat and produce. It’s not just this however that makes us so authentic but also the authenticity of our staff, who are mostly all native German speakers!

Customer service! Your table is provided with service by charming waitresses and dashing waiters wearing the traditional Bavarian dress – Lederhosen and Dirndls. The waiters and waitresses are your personal translators, there to guide you through our exotically German food and drinks menu. Enjoy a night out visiting Dirndl Disneyland.

Entertainment! Oktoberfest. Bavarian fun nights. Oompah music. German football. Bundesliga. Check our weekly schedule for even more upcoming events. And if you think we Germans have no humour… we dare you give us a try!

Being the first German restaurant in the whole of the UK, we have raised awareness and have in fact spurred on the current popularity of Bierkellers. The idea of the German Bierkeller started with us – the Bavarian Beerhouse. Due to the magnificent success of the Bavarian Beerhouse from day one, we have decided to widen our interest to Franchise & Licensing expanding our business to all over the UK, and even worldwide. In the first year of this we received a mind-blowing amount of requests. Where will we go next? You decide.