A La Carte


Bavarian Taster Platter


To share for 2-4 guests 2 freshly baked Bavarian pretzels, 2 freshly baked break rolls, ‘Obazda’ – Bavarian cream cheese speciality (V), ‘Zwiebelmett’ – German sausage speciality, ‘Münchener Wurstsalat’ – thinly sliced Knackwurst with onions and pickles, ‘Kartoffelsalat mit Speck’ – potato salad with bacon, ‘Schwarzwälder Schinken’ – delicious “Black Forest” ham garnished with tomatoes and gherkins

2 Bayerische Brezeln


Two fresh pretzels (V)

Münchener Wurstsalat


Munich-style sausage salad Thinly sliced Knockwurst with onions, marinated in a sweet tangy dressing, pickles and a pretzel



Bavarian cheese specialty Camembert rich cheese mixed with cream cheese, butter, Beer, onions, paprika and caraway seeds, served with a pretzel (V)



Delicious beef soup Rich meaty soup with chunky vegetables served with a bread roll


Currywurst mit Pommes


Sausage with curry sauce Sausage with spicy tomato sauce, served with chips

Frikadellen Brötchen


Giant Meatball Pork meatball served in a bread roll with mustard

Münchener Weißwurst


Bavarian white sausage Two Bavarian white sausages, served with a pretzel and sweet mustard

Berner Würstel


Berner sausage Sausage “Berner-style” wrapped in bacon, filled with cheese and served with potato salad

Frankfurter Würst’l


Frankfurter sausages Two Frankfurter sausages served with potato salad

Nürnberger Bratwürst’l


Three small grilled sausages served with Sauerkraut and a pretzel

Belegte Semmeln


Two half German bread rolls topped with “Black Forest” ham OR “Emmentaler” cheese OR “Zwiebelmett” (German sausage speciality) OR “Aufschnitt” (cold cuts)

Pommes rot/weiß


Chips with ketchup and/or mayonnaise




Meat loaf Bavarian-style Served with fried potatoes and topped with a fried egg



Giant Meatball Served either with curry sauce, chips and a side salad OR with fried potatoes, a fried egg and a side salad

Traditionelle Bavarian Beerhouse “Wurstplatte”


Traditional sausage platter Frankfurters, small Nürnberger and a large Bratwurst served with mashed potato & Sauerkraut

Special Bavarian Beerhouse “Wurstplatte”


Special sausage platter Spiral sausage (Bratwurst Schnecke), Merguez spicy sausage, cheese cracker sausage (Käseknacker) served with mashed potato & Sauerkraut

Schnitzel Wiener Art


Schnitzel Vienna-style Classic breaded pork escalope served with chips

Jäger Schnitzel


Schnitzel hunter-style Pork escalope topped with a creamy mushroom sauce served with chips

Münchener Schweinshaxe


Roasted pork shank Served with Sauerkraut, gravy and dumplings

Münchener Schweinebraten


Munich-style pork roast Served with dark beer sauce, red cabbage and dumplings

Bayerisches Biergulasch


Bavarian beef goulash Tender beef chunks in a rich beer sauce served with red cabbage and “Spätzle” (Bavarian noodles)

Oktoberfest Hendl


Chicken Oktoberfest-style Roasted chicken half served with potato salad




Bavarian Cheese Noodles A special noodle dish with cheese, onions, cream and a mixed salad


Vegetarian Schnitzel Breaded vegetable mix served with chips, herbal dip and a mixed salad

Vegan Dishes

Nürnberger BratVürst’l


Starter – Three grilled vegan sausages served with Sauerkraut and a pretzel

CurryVurst mit Pommes


Snack – Grilled sausage served with sauce and chips

Bavarian Beerhouse ‘VurstPlatte’ Spezial


Main – Special Bavarian Beerhouse sausage platter: ‘BratVurst’, spicy Merguez and ‘Wiener’ sausages served with Sauerkraut and chips

Side Dishes



German potato salad

(V) Spätzle


Bavarian noodles

(V) Kartoffelbrei


Mashed potatoes

(V) Sauerkraut


(V) Rotkraut


Red cabbage

(V) Kleiner gemischter Salat


Small mixed salad




Classic Bavarian-style apple strudel served with vanilla custard